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Wednesday, August 25, 2010
My Baker Hughes Experience :)

Last 18th to 20th of August 2010, me and 9 other Filipinos went to Kuala Belait, Brunei for the Baker Hughes Experience, the final stage of selection process for incoming Field Engineers of Baker Hughes Incorporated. Baker Hughes is a Fortune 500 company and 3rd's world's largest of its kind, it is an oil and natural gas company that provides reservoir consulting, drilling, pressure pumping, formation evaluation, completion, and production products and services to its clients. It all happened within a month. I applied for the job last July 28 2010 through Jobstreet. I regularly checked my account and saw my application viewed 8 times and was "Under Consideration", together with other 21 applicants among 200+ applications that time. While having a 15-min break from my saturday review class last August 7, somebody from Baker Hughes (BH) called me for a phone interview. I was surprised by the call, asking if it may be done at around 4pm of the same day because I have a class. BH called again and conducted an almost 20 minute phone interview. I was perspiring a lot but kept my focus and tried my best to answer every question. At the end, he told me if the interview turned out positively, I will be notified thru e-mail and text and will be invited to Brunei (all expense paid trip) for the final selection process. August 11. I was done with my tuna pasta and as I called others to partake the meal an SMS was sent to saying to check my email as I was qualified for the next stage. IS THIS FOR REAL?! It was a mixture of excitement and gratitude because I knew there were a lot of highly competent applicants out there, but here I am, part of the 14 participants (4 of which are Bruneians) to the BH Experience. After verification of the emails that they were indeed from BH, I confirmed by August 12. I sent my body measurements through email for reasons I cannot disclose. I received my e-ticket the next day. When we arrived there, I was at awe how superbly lush green Brunei is. The highways were wide which prevented congestion. Brunei practices right-hand driving, hence approaching car lanes are at the right side of the car. Tall jungle-like trees can be seen at the sides of the road. It was a two-hour ride to our accommodating hotel. After arrival, we checked in to our rooms and waited for 8pm for our dinner. At the buffet room, we splurged into the food selections and had conversation with co-candidates. We became instant friends. We toured around the place since it was our free day (call time was 5:30am next day). We took pictures of us that time. On Day 1, we did a lot of activities ranging from mental exercises to the physical ones. It was something you would expect from a typical job application process only that it was spiced up by the BH Lifestyle. There were presentations from the BH Staff as well. On Day 2, we woked up early for a "takehome assignment" we prepared the night before. After all have presented there assignments, we were presented with what BH calls the LEAD program. It is a 3-year structured program for incoming Field Engineers. Those who will be give job offers will be under this accelerated program. Afterwards, we were asked by BH to write a 2-sentence letter stating our intent/non-intent to further the application to BH considering all the activities we had. I was teary-eyed when I wrote mine because the experience made it clear to me how bright my future will be in BH. Like in American Idol, we were called one by one for a panel interview after we have submitted our letters. I was pleased to be asked with the question I have prepared for very well. Before I left, I was given the liberty to say my final words. I knew from my heart, that after leaving the room, I have done my best, and it is in His hands now. As we savored our last meal in Brunei, BH informed us that one by one (again), we'll be called to come inside the room. Inside we will be informed if we are offered a job offer or not. The waiting was killing me since one by one, my friends are being called and goes out of the room with the bad news. The mortality was high. When it was my turn, I was asked what I am feeling right then and I said I was really nervous. They told me they recognize how excited I was to be at BH. Their tones shifted to a serious tone and said that my credentials were assessed on a different perspective and that they would like to inform that it is a... GOOD NEWS. :) How happy I was during that time! I was in a state of euphoria that I cannot understand what they said afterwards. All I knew was that I am to expect an email from them in the coming week about the employment details. I left the room and when I gave my thumbs up I received applause from my friends, as we all did to those who were also given job offers. Only 4 out of 10 Filipinos were successful and 2 out of 4 internationals as well. We can't be too happy though knowing that not all of us made it to BH. However, we were all pleased to be part of the BH Experience, gain new friends and shared meaningful moments with each other. :) (Remarkable) Ruben

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Friday, July 16, 2010
Oh Bashang. Look what you've done.

Hello again. It's been days since my last blog. I wasn't able to update this blog because I ran out of ideas and power wasn't available these past few days because yes, you've got it right-- Bashang. Bashang hit the metro with her almost extreme gustiness and high velocity winds. It was not like Ondoy last year because her winds were accompanied by few rainfalls unlike the latter which brought massive quantities of rainfall which flooded major cities in the metro, not including those in the provinces. It was very unlikely that unlike Ondoy, Bashang stashed away power from our outlets at around 11pm of Tuesday July 13. Winds were so strong that night that I have to check out the back terrace where linoleum shades were violently hit to and fro by the wind. For two days it's like being isolated from the outside world. No news of what really happening after Bashang, why such typhoon brought so much inconvenience to the people. It was quite stressful especially I have my grandma at our custody. I never been so frustrated to have electricity to power the house. And yesterday afternoon, I've never been so excited to open the tv and my laptop to check my facebook account. I ranted on my first status message after the black out. As I watched the news these past few hours, I realized how devastated the power lines were, the leakage it has in inflicted to the Petron pipelines, the lives taken by the typhoon. I felt dismayed at myself for having ranted so much for such negligible inconvenience I had compared to them. I felt really sorry that this has to happen to them. Lost their heads of the family, affected by their poor catch of fish, fish kills, and oil spills. These surmised the damages brought by wind blown roofs that hit our "alulod" and scratched the window casings. I know there are more typhoons to come but I wish they would not bring calamity to this country.

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010
Review: Murder, the TV Series

Hello there!

As promised, I'll try to write on this blog religiously and today, I'll be writing a review about a reality show that I discovered just recently. Allow me to start by telling you how did I learn about this tv show. Last wednesday night, July 7 2010, while at my bed, I tried to search all channels for something watch other that SNN (this is a showbiz oriented show hosted by Boy Abunda and Bianca Gonzales). I stumbled upon Studio 23 and saw this CSI-like reality show. It was titled 'Murder'. The show was somehow around the middle of the episode. I remember there were two teams already analyzing their pieces of evidence, and then they were sent to the morgue to talk to real corner, and synthesize your case using the evidence balance with logic and common sense to pin point the culprit, how he did it, and why he did it. I was so excited then especially when I saw the recreated crime scene. It was so perfectly recreated! All the pieces of evidence the original detectives of the case found were all at the recreated crime scene. The corpses were almost real, it was not your ordinary mannequin, the corpses have to be specially fabricated according to the stab wounds and mutilation the original corpses have incurred. At the end of the episode, Tommy Le Noir (host and a real detective) will decide who among the two teams correctly solved the case and announce it after telling the real story behind the case. The winning team gets to donate to a victim's charity situated in the state where the crime was committed under the winning team members' names.

Murder, the TV series, was initially aired last July 31, 2007 by Spike TV. It is a 10-episode season and the only season up to this day. It was hosted by Detective Tommy Le Noir. Detective Le Noir has 27 years of experience in crime scene investigation with the Arlington Police Department in Arlington, Texas. With a passion for justice, Le Noir credits his career in the law enforcement field to his father. Aside from serving in the military, Le Noir's father was a professional heavyweight boxer who was incredibly generous and a natural "protector" of not only his family and friends, but of anyone he felt was being abused or mistreated. During his distinguished law enforcement career, Le Noir has earned an impressive 75 commendations, 11 departmental awards, his Master Police Officer State Certification and the elite honor of "Officer of the Year." A black belt in martial arts since 1975, Le Noir pioneered the Arlington Police Academy's now required program in defensive tactics. He is also a certified instructor in basic and advanced courses in homicide investigation to outside police agencies at the North Texas Regional Police Academy and lectures extensively at colleges, high schools, civic groups and events and citizen police academies throughout the state. Several of Le Noir's homicide cases have earned national media attention � having been featured on CBS' "Cold Case Files," Dick Wolf's "Arrest & Trial" and A&E's "Forensic Files" among others. One of Le Noir's most famous cases was that of serial killer Jack Reeves, which has been featured in eight different documentary programs including HBO's America Undercover: Autopsy series and the subject of the book "Mail Order Murder" by true crime author Patricia Springer (Spike TV, 2007).

Murder, the TV series, offers a very unique experience both the investigators and the viewers. This is because the crime scene was almost perfectly recreated, very realistic, and the investigators were all ordinary citizens that were given a crash course on forensic science before being immersed into the taping of the show. The show starts by an introduction which included a background of the crime the episode will be featuring. Then the two teams arrives at the crime scene, some of the investigators will be introduced while others at some other time at the early part of the show. Then Le Noir exits the crime scene and speaks with the teams. He tells them that after 48 hours, they must be able to present their case backed up with evidence. He acknowledges the teams and allows the first team to enter the crime scene and gather evidence for only 90 minutes. It is during this time that Le Noir watches every investigator's move and halts them for a brief moment when something unacceptable was done by the investigator, e.g. the investigator does not wear any gloves, contaminated the scene without taking a photograph prior. The second team enters to do their evidence collect also. I believe that there has to be two recreated crime scenes to accommodate the two teams, so that the performance of a team does not affect that of the other team. This was not explicitly shown in the show. Le Noir brings them to their squad room to organize their collected evidence and formulate theories base on them. He then summons them to his office to provide them the names of the suspects and a case file containing analyses of the evidence gathered. He clearly notes them the list of suspects given were not exhaustive, meaning there may be other suspects that will arise upon unveiling of new evidence. This is significant in 'The Bludgeoning' episode. The teams were allowed to synthesize their case and after some time they will be brought to the morgue and talk to a real corner about the autopsy. The investigators can ask questions after the corner's discussion. They will be sent back to their squad rooms and will be asked to write their questions for their suspects. This is crucial because their questions have to match with that of those asked by the interrogators and only a segment of the video where in answers to the matched questions will be provided. Remember that the interrogation DVDs contain real videos of real suspects. There will be a lot of arguments among team members, some will have a clash of personalities, and thoughts about the case. This adds tension and excitement to the show because will really genuine minds at work, stressed by brevity of evidence and time. They will be brought to the experiment room to test their theories and understand blood spatter relevant to the case. They'll be allowed to fire a gun similar to that being used in the crime, as well as try to assault a dummy chest and see how will it react to a forceful stabbing. Sometime near the deadline they'll be given the option to revisit the crime scene, or ask another question to a suspect, or just receive additional information that may build or destroy their case. Revisits to the crime scene are found significant as I run through the episodes as new pieces of evidence were collected that were previously neglected that shed a new perspective to the case. The teams will present their cases individually and Le Noir will tell the real story afterwards. He will then critique each team's case and will announce the winning team. It is important to mention that there were two instances where in no team has one the case, and as such, a donation to a charity has to be awarded anonymously. He ends the episode by telling the teams what happened to the real murderer and the other suspects.

I was able to finish the whole season for three days only. I have to watch the episodes only through this site, http://www.spike.com/show/21636. So while the link remains active, watch them! I really liked the concept of the show and I could not have a hang of it! Not that I want more crimes to happen to supply new cases to this show if a new season airs (please! have a new season, please! Spike TV, bring back Murder!), it is because it opens a new experience for tv viewers especially to those who avid fans of Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, CSI, Detective Conan, and Detective Academy Q. It is the only show that has done this. It offers opportunity to civilians to practice their detective skills and see if they can solve the case. I believe that criminology board examiners should include a practical exam that follows Murder's format because it gives the examinee a real challenge. It reminds me of the entrance exam to the Dan Morohiko Detective Academy in the first episode of Detective Academy Q.

I hope you learned a lot from this review and I wish that I have infected you with the addiction to such shows such as Murder. I hope there will be more shows like these, or a Murder Season 2 perhaps. See you again!


Watch the Video

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It's been ages... since my last blog entry here.

Woah. Now look at that. My last blog entry here was dated November 13, 2007. Three freaking years! So many things has changed, many events transpired, and today will be my first baby step again into the world of blogging. I have the liberty of changing this blog's url from rkatlantis.blogdrive.com into iamrkcarino.blogdrive.com. I did this because I want to start anew again, and as the url says, hey! I am RK Carino. =) I graduated last April 2010 from UP Diliman with a degree in Chemical Engineering. I am reviewing for my upcoming licensure board exams this November 2010. Wish me luck. Since we had internet connection last year, and until these past few weeks I had the opportunity to be always in touch with my laptop. It's quite restless here at home with the fact that I am not busy like I used to in the college days, when I am not with my Perry's and his comrades in battle (review materials, things like that), I am here with my laptop, skimming the pages on my Facebook, checking my inbox for any e-mails from the companies I am applying for a job (yes, despite my "bumness", I am constantly searching for that dream job, or I should rather say, that dream career). Thanks to a friend who is now elsewhere outside the country, I learned to download full length movies and tv series episodes and it became a necessity for me in the past months. I created this blog entry to revive this blogsite that I started since I was in high school. I remember putting a blog here about an amazing race I've organized during on of our foundation days in high school. An it was done outside the campus, actually from the streets of Pedro Gil to the Katigbak Avenue (it's where National Library is located, isn't it?). I created this blog entry to practice my writing skills, to speak my mind when my mind cannot contain it further, to air opinions to matters of consequence. I try my best not to be too nerdy or "acad-ish" in my blog entries as Grace O said in my chatter box, I will make my entries now to be as substanstial, interesting, and fitting to my age. Maybe I could write a review of something that I became deeply interested lately, say movies, tv shows, games, and many more. Or you could suggest one if you like, just send me a note. I'll try to be religious in updating this blog, whenever a spur of inspiration arrives or better yet, a Zen moment, I will write down my thoughts in this blog. Is that ok? That will be for now. Tomorrow, I'll be writing about an amazing find that was aired last July 2007 and only last wednesday when I was able to watch it in Philippine tv. I searched for that show in the internet and I was able to finish it in 2 days. Unfortunately, despite the good concept of the show, it was not furthered to season 2. Do you have your guesses? It starts with an 'M'. See you! RK

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

                It’s been 20 days ago since the end of my 1st semester in the university. Supposedly I still have 3 final exams to take, to my surprise (God has been so good) I was able to get an exemption from deformable bodies and physical chemistry. I found myself bored due to the monotonous and customary work inside the house. My siblings, including my collegiate brother from another university, are still going to school then, leaving me and my father, and sometimes when mom has no work, at our domicile. In the first few days of my “vacation” I switch places with my mom in waking early to prepare the breakfast, my siblings’ baon, and their boiled water for bathing. It was fun having to take the place of my mom who has been waking up 4 o’clock in the morning just to accomplish her daily obligation. My mom has been very steadfast despite her strenuous work schedule; and I admire her for that.

                This daily routine which has been very mind-numbing and tiresome made me reminisce myself at the university. I remember when the semester was still on; I have always craved for a long, long rest because my mind is always occupied with all geeky stuff. This academic routine every student entails almost brought me to a burn-out. With my dear acquaintances from high school, chemical engineering friends, and org-mates, I was able to prevent myself not to succumb to this burn-out. I enjoy doing organizational work for it gave me the kind of happiness academics has deprived me. I met new people, knew them well, and forged them to become the best future of the organization. With friends, I watched free films in festivals, with the fact that all these “gimmicks” where unplanned and all-of-a-sudden trips.

                This daily routine in the house: waking up, eating meals, watching DVDs, daily bathing, eating meals again, and watching the television late at night, became hackneyed. With a seldom surf to the internet, I did my way from this boredom. My mom brought me to an “octoberfest” a few days ago; drank a few cans with the presence of youthful live music and stand-up comedy. I just missed my tiring nights. I missed the nights where I truly appreciated my much coveted sleep due to school tasks.


                It is in this boredom I found my solitude, and in this solitude I contemplated on some truths of life. Everything in this world is very temporary; everything will come to its own end; but how and when it shall end only Him can tell. In my mind I kept thinking about my own death, how does it feel, and its aftermath. My readiness to face this ghost is a blurred image. Somehow my faith in Him is in question, and if I were to paint my faith, my portrait is an abstract. Somehow during those nights I find my spirit in dryness, to find the Lord in my life became insurmountable. I just wished and prayed that my death would be a happy death, and that my life will find its higher purpose, and in the afterlife I’ll be in the arms of the One who gave us the Greatest Love of all.


                Watching DVDs has been my favorite time killers. Detective dramas are my favorite and these have been the theme of my DVDs. Somehow I told myself that my being a chemical engineering student is a student is just a stepping stone to becoming a detective or a private investigator. I am always amazed of how these people retraced the prior events and being able to solve the case in the end. To weave the pieces of evidence into a vivid picture of the culprit is the prime goal. Locked-room murders challenged me, and how these murders have been successfully done myself has successfully deciphered. The beautiful crime that intertwined with its story is something to look forward every end of the episode. Someday I’ll be releasing my own detective story.




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Sunday, October 28, 2007
I survived my 3rd First Semester in UPD.


I survived ES12 and ES13!--nang SABAY!

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007
Si ‘Baboy’, and aming tuta

Sabi ng isa kong kaibigan na puro daw academics ang laman ng blog ko. Well, for some obvious reasons, eh talagang intended ang blog na ito upang i-release ko ang aking academic stresses due to hectic academic lifestyle and all. Ginagawa ko ito dahil hindi ko naman ito maihihinga sa mga taong kaibigan, or kapamilya ko. Baka kasi mapagkamalan akong geek or nerd which is hindi naman talaga.


                Sinabi sa isang STS talk ang difference between a nerd or a geek. Nerds are anti-social, they tend to be very secretive and stingy about the knowledge they have while geeks share their knowledge, not knowing that while they share this voluminous knowledge people tend to have information overload that they can no longer appreciate what geeks are doing for them. So do you identify yourself among they two? Siguro kung papipiliin ako sa dalawa, geek na lang ako, at least, magmukha man akong weird, I shared what I have. I spoke my mind.


                Pero pwede din naman hindi academics ang laman ng bawat blog entry q ditto, tulad nito. Pinipilit kong tumalakay ng isang topic na hindi ko pa maisip magpasahanggang ngayon. Gusto kong talakayin ang mga nakatutuwa ngunit nakakabadtrip na issues na lumabas sa loob at labas ng TV. Two weeks ago, lumabas ang issue tungkol sa hidwaang namamagitan kina wowowee at jojowee (sana marealize nilang nagjojoke ako dito) na kung iisipin naman ay tila isang away bata lang naman. Parehong may punto sila. Si wowowee ay naghinga lang ng sama ng loob dahil sa mga pasaring ni jojowee na kahit walang concrete na pinasasaringan ay may mabigat na nilalaman. Si jojowee naman ay may punto rin. Na ang interes ng mga dukhang umaasa lamang sa mga palarong ito ay dapat pangalagaan, na dapat i-assure sila na binibigyan sila ng patas ng pagkakataon na manalo ng limpak na salapi. Ngunit kung iisipin ang kundisyong hinihingi ni jojowee, hindi kaya’t nawawalan ng sinseridad ang paghingi ng tawad ni wowowee kung ang kundisyon ay muling gawin ang eksena ni wowowee ngunit paghingi na ng tawad ang sinasabim kasabay ng pagluha ng dalawang co-hosts ni wowowee na wala naming kasalanan? Kasalanan bang makidalamhati sina mariel at Valerie sa lungkot ni wowowee nung mga panahon na iyon. In the final analysis, hindi kaya’t silang dalawa pa ang dahilan kaya hindi matatanggap ni jojowee ang sosoree (joke ulit) ni wowowee? Oh well.


                Nung September 1 2007 ay nakabitan na kami ng telepono sa bahay, back to the civilization ika nga nila. Kasi magmula ng palayasin kami ng landlady naming sa Pasay at lumipat sa tirahan naming dito sa Parañaque eh nawalan na kami ng access sa landline. Hindi kasi uso dito ang telepono, kahit na katabi lng namin ang mga sikat na subdivision tulad ng BF Homes at Valley 1. Wala ring tubig dito kaya every week ay nagpapakarga kami ng tangke ng tubig. Mahal ang cost of living dito sa Parañaque, dahil lahat ng mga necessities ditto ay may intermediary intervention. Lahat may dadaan munang mamumuhunan bago makakuha ng necessities na gusto mo. Magmamakawa ka muna sa kapitbahay naming na kung pwede ay kami na ang susunod na kargahan ng tubig (sila kasi yung pinakamalapit na supply ng tubig) dahil maglalaba na kami. Kailangan magtipid kasi mahal na rin ang kuryente, imbis na mapupunta sa pagkain ang pambayad sa kuryente eh napupunta ito sa mga kapitalistang walang habas na nagtataas ng presyo upang mabayaran ang utang mga taong nagiillegal connection sa kuryente. Ngayon man, nagkaroon na kami ng telephone. 4807699. Dial hungry na kayo 4807699. That number again 4807699. We accept all major credit cards and COD. Call right now kasi wala pang tumatawag sa bahay na ako ang hinahanap. Puro na lang yung kapatid ko na walang habas na inaabuso ang unlimited local calls and Bayantel-Bayantel NDD calls na kasama sa package ng serbisyo ng landline naming. Sosyal at wireless kami, pwedeng nakawin ng mga magnanakaw. Pwede mo rin dalhin sya kahit saan, mukha ka nga lang tanga dahil pagtatawanan ka ng mga tao dahil ang laki ng ‘celfone’ mo. May internet na rin itong kasama, nakaPlan150 kami, free 500mins, any excess is P0.30/minute. Mukhang mura naman pero mabagal magload ng Friendster. Nakakainis. Eto mauubos na ang 500mins namin at magbabayad na kami ng P0.30/minute excess.

                Nakakatwo pages nako ng blog entry ko sa MS Word pero sana hindi kayo mainis sa haba ng blog na ito. Super paminsan-minsan lang talaga ko magupdate ng blog ko, kapag may time lang ako. Actually, bukas ay exam ko nanaman sa ES13:Mechanics of Deformable Bodies at mukhang madali lang naman sya (sana hindi magback-fire kasi nung sinabi kong nadalian ako nung ES12:Dynamics of Regid Bodies 1st exam eh nagbackfire at 1 lang ang pumasa sa amin sa class. Naka-100% yung pumasa at unfortunately hindi ako yun. Kailangan maka 72 ako para mean ko ay 60% na passing. Saying, hindi nako exempted). Kailangan kong alagaan ang ES13 ko dahil may pagasa akong ma-exempt dito. Ayoko nang maulit yung nangyari sa akin sa ES11:Statics of Rigid Bodies na pumasa ako 3 exams at nawala ang chance kong maexempt dahil nadisgrasya ako sa 4th exam. Sa mga tulad kong normal at may social life pa, Masaya na kami kapag maexempt sa finals ng mga mahihirap na ES subjects tulad nito. Kapal ng mukha ko nga kasi ang lakas ng loob ko na pagsabayin ang 2 pinakamahirap na ES subjects sa history ng Engg. Iniisip ko lang eh isang hirap na lang, afterwards eh maluwag na akong hihinga at ES1 at ES26 na lang ang proproblemahin ko nxt sem. Mohr Circle, Mohr Circle, big circle. Mohr Circle, Mohr Circle, big circle…

                As you can see ay hindi ko rin naiwasang pagusapan ang acads’ life ko sa blog entry. Medyo mahaba na ang entry ko at dapat na muna ako sigurong mag-goodbye. Hindi naman masamang maging GC paminsan-minsan, basta’t nasa lugar.


                Magiiwan ako sa inyo ng isang magandang allegory:


Once the pencil maker told his pencils 5 important lessons in life: First, everything you do will always leave a mark. 2nd, when you make mistakes, you can always go back ang make the necessary erasures. 3rd, what is important is what is inside you. 4th, you will undergo painful sharpening in order to become a better pencil. And 5th, you must allow yourself to be held and directed by the One that loves us unconditionally. Suppose 5 pencils were to write profusely that the friction they make is enough to combust all the graphite inside them. If the combustion released a total of 50,000 KJ of heat, what is the length of each pencil if the outer radius of each pencil, having a cross sectional wooden area of 0.0015m2, is 60mm? The pencil maker told you that the graphite he used has a density equal to that of water.”

Big Smile

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Friday, August 10, 2007
Mga 1st exams...

kinakabahan ako.
hindi dahil sa mga malalaman ko kundi--
sa mga alam ko na.

bagama't lagpas perfect ako sa ChE32,
lagpas sa 60/100 na target ko sa Chem153,
at lagpas 80/100 na target ko naman sa ES13,

bumagsak naman ako sa ES12.
hindi ako makapaniwala.
48.75 lang. below 60% passing grade.
take note, 2 lang sa klase namin ang pumasa,
si dear friend johnrich (perfect score. applause!) at
si jelly.

kinakabahan ako. ano dapat kong gawin?
siguro blessing na namove sa saturday aug18 and 2nd exam.
Lord, again, I'm in your hands now...Sad

Sana hindi na ito maulit EVER sa iba pang subjects sa kahit anong exams...

Lord, give me strength.cry


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Friday, June 22, 2007
Back to P'que, Back to Peyups

nakakapagod pala ayos ng sked ko.

MTh ay amazing race sa takbuhan.

lyk from engg to cs atrium ang tatakbuhin qc super magkasunodat walang gap ang 2 classes ko, isang major at isang MST.

pero mega-free naman kapag TF. maaga ang out ko.


sinabi ko sa aking sarili na hindi ko tutularan ang mga bagay na mali sa aking paningin, ayon sa constitusyonng aking puso.

magiging mabuti akong memcom.


hindi q n napapanood ang rounin.masyado nang gabi. hanggang PBB na lang ang nyt lyf q, tapos tulog na.


tanong: diba nakakabad3p kapag kakarag-karag ang keyboard na ginagamit mo tulad ng ginagamit ko sa pagtype ng blog na to?


super dissappointed ako sa isa kong major dis sem. lethargic. sayang ang course description: INTRO.to BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING. i need energy, OK lang?Big Smile


theend.(nagtotopakkc ung keyboard.)

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Saturday, June 09, 2007
Once again in Guinobatan.

I made this blog entry at my cousin's place, approximately 7.30am of Saturday, here at my hometown, Guinobatan.Big Smile


uwi na kami sa lunes  ng umaga. Sad


mamalengke kami ngayon, it's palengke day here at GUI.


to diliman  people, see you this coming tuesday.Wink


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